25 de noviembre de 2013

Wayosecchu - Tadaomi Shibuya and Aleix Gordo Exhibition at Midori.so - Tokyo, Japan

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For those who will be in Tokyo from next Friday 29th, JKD Collective / Midori.so presents:


Visual artist from Barcelona known for his explosive creative expression Aleix Gordo is in town. Special party featuring his live painting and art exhibition in collaboration with Tadaomi Shibuya is happening at midori.so gallery on November 29th Friday. Aleix who grew up exposing to animation by Akira Toriyama or Katsunori Ohtomo greatly absorbed influences from these Japanese Manga culture. On the other hand, Tadaomi Shibuya, recognized in the international art scene, is famous for his trademark on radical illustration that renders images into stylized, angular abstractions of forms. This is going to be an intensive hybrid collaboration of East and West by these 2 artists. The show is happening at midori.so which is becoming one of the most powerful creative spots in Tokyo. Please come and feel what's happing in the latest Japanese scene of live painting and mural art. 

Date : NOV29 Fri 19:00-23:00 
(Exhibition Period : NOV 29 Fri - DEC 03 Tue) 
Venue : midori.so galle lective / Midori.so presents 
Live Painting + Mural Art installation : Aleix Gordo, Tadaomi Shibuya 
DJ : Olive Oil, Dr.Ihara 
Invitation Only / Entrance Free 

Aleix Gordo Hostau started drawing as a child and never stopped. His career began in the publishing world, has since deveoped his experience in fields like advertising illustration, fashion, comics, graphic design or muralism. He has worked for advertising agencies, fashion brands and exhibited his work in countries like Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Austria, Italy, India and USA. He did remarkable works for Pepe Jeans London, Vans, Panini, Montana Colors, Nike or Bicycle Cards. His style has clear influences on lowbrow art or street art. Today focuses his career as an illustrator, muralist and street artist. 

An illustrator, artist, and designer, Tadaomi Shibuya is a fixture on the international art scene, known best by his trademark radical approach to illustration that renders images into stylized, angular abstractions of form. His style was shaped by a mixture of the genres of hip hop and soul, robot anime, and the aesthetics of industrial typography, among other things. He has helmed numerous commercial projects in Europe and in the US, including London’s Beck’s Beer campaign in 2007, designing the crest for a line of Givenchy bags in 2008, in-store art for the Nike House of Hoops in New York. In October 2011 he drew a much-hyped portrait of Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine.

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Great team preparing the exhibition!

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